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Creation Pinot Noir Gin 

Crushed rose petals and dappled sunshine tiptoeing through aromatic pine needles. The stirring sounds of Belafonte with a delightful dash of Dietrich. Is that a coriander seed? Jip, and check out the juniper. Smell fynbos honey and the evocative presence of dusty spice – then bite into a fresh raspberry. Creation Pinot Noir-infused Gin: intriguing and somewhat enigmatic. With just a hint of anise … or could it be fennel? The joy is in the detail.

Mixology: For ultimate enjoyment, add a scoop of ice to a glass 30ml of Creation Pinot noir Gin with 150ml Perrier aqua tonic. Serve with two fresh raspberries one blueberry and a sweet violet flower.

Creation Wines’ first gin has been distilled in collaboration with Triple Three Distillery.