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Paradoxical Chocolate & Wine Pairing gift pack

Paradoxical Chocolate & Wine Pairing gift pack

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Savour the spirit of Creation with Passion, Charisma,
Resonance and Déjà Vu. Yes, the perennial debate
surrounding the contentious pairing of wine and chocolate
has inspired Creation to bring you our own Paradoxical
Wine and Chocolate Pairing. Velvety smooth chocolates for
optimal mouth-feel... sensuous flavour profiling to offer
you four fabulous matches. Irresistible? For sure!


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South Africa

  • 0.0 kg - 8.3 kg: R120.00 (1 case)
  • 8.3 kg – 16.6 kg: R 240.00 (2 cases)
  • 16.6 kg – 500.0 kg: R 300.00 (3 cases or more)