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Creation Chardonnay Gin

Creation Chardonnay Gin

R 360.00

Creation Chardonnay Gin

Sunset and the cheeky tinkling of ice cubes in crystal. Crisp white linen and designer leather; a Paul Klee original guarding the marmalade cat.  Oh, for the pleasure of juniper berry and fresh hay; a sprinkling of cassia mingling with dried citrus skin. Then a sublime hint of pear comes into play ... Creation Chardonnay-infused Gin.  Small batch-distilled for utmost purity; meticulously infused for sheer originality. The joy is in the detail.

Mixology: For ultimate enjoyment, add a scoop of ice to a glass, 30ml of Creation Chardonnay Gin with 100 ml Perrier aqua tonic water and serve with a Nocellara olive, a sprig of fresh rosemary. The perfect ‘Gintini’?


South Africa

  • 0.0 kg - 8.3 kg: R120.00 (1 case)
  • 8.3 kg – 16.6 kg: R 240.00 (2 cases)
  • 16.6 kg – 500.0 kg: R 300.00 (3 cases or more)