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Whale Pod Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Whale Pod Sauvignon Blanc 2018

R 98.00

From the spectacular playground of the whales in the heart of South Africa's celebrated Walker Bay Wine Appellation, comes a wine reflecting its proud maritime origins. Star bright in the glass with a subtle green hue. The compellingnose charms with a kaleidoscope of aromas: guava, passion fruit and Cape gooseberry mingle with delicate whiffs of grape fruit and peach stone. These aromas are echoed on the palate where crisp acidity an a touch of salty minerality add to the complete finish.


South Africa

  • 0.0 kg - 8.3 kg: R120.00 (1 case)
  • 8.3 kg – 16.6 kg: R 240.00 (2 cases)
  • 16.6 kg – 500.0 kg: R 300.00 (3 cases or more)