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Whale Pod Syrah Merlot 2016

Whale Pod Syrah Merlot 2016

R 98.00

From the spectacular playground of the whales in the heart of South Africa's celebrated Walker Bay Wine Appellation, comes a wine reflecting its proud maritime origins. Deep blue-black with vibrant tints of violet. A plush blend beckoning with waves of blackberry, whitft of blackcurrant and the distinctive stamp of good, tasted oak. Abundantly flavoursome and beautifully focused on the palate with the generous berry flavours supported by well integrated tannins.


South Africa

  • 0.0 kg - 8.3 kg: R120.00 (1 case)
  • 8.3 kg – 16.6 kg: R 240.00 (2 cases)
  • 16.6 kg – 500.0 kg: R 300.00 (3 cases or more)